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Using a projector is really easy. In this guide we will help you choose the right projector for your event.

Typical uses for a projector

Indoor use, small screens, not too much light

If you are going to use the projector indoors in a small screen you may use any projector around 2000 and 3000 lumens. If you do not need high quality images (Full HD videos or images) you may hire an entry level projector.

What is a small screen? We consider a small screen one that is no bigger than 2 meters wide.

What do we mean by "not too much light"? Common indoor lightning is considered as low light. Direct sun light into the screen or exibition centers ligthning may be excesive for a 3000 lumen projector.

Outdoor use (daytime)

An outdoor projection in a shinny day will require a powerful projector. If we have a large screen and direct sunlight on the screen we will need a really powerful projector (3000 lumens would be a poor choice in this case).

Displaying high quality images or Full HD Videos.

If our projection includes high resolution images or Full HD videos we should hire a Full HD projector.

Many manfacturers claim that their projectors are compatible will Full HD but they have a problem. If the device has a native resolution of, for example, 800x600 it can display higher resolution images but there will be a quality loss (as it happens with some JPG images).

Projecting in small rooms

If the projection takes place in a small room there may be not enough space between the projector and the wall and the image may be too tiny. If these cases we need what is called a short-trow projector.

Basic concepts in a projector

There are three basic important things you must know when choosing a projector:


Lumens measure a projector's lighting strength. The higher this value is the more light the projector will throw.

More information about Lumens.


More information about Resolution.

Throw ratio

More information about Throw ratio.


Aspect ratio

More information about Aspect ratio.

Other features

There are a few more features in a projector but these are the most common ones you will look at when hiring a projector.

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