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What is the native resolution of a projector?

NOTE: We have another article explainig what the resolution of a projector is.

A projector can display images in many resolutions but they are designed to work in a certain resolution. This is called native resolution.

If the projector uses this resolution it will deliver the best results.

Can I use a non-native resolution?

A projector will accept also other resolutions. The problem is that the image will have to be scaled. This scaling means that there will be some quality loss. The higher the scaling the higher the quality loss.

If we want to display a Full HD (1920x1080) video in a 800x600 projector the image will be scaled and adapted to the native resolution. This will result in a poor image. If your video is in Full HD you should get a Full HD (or at least HD) projector.

So be careful. Many manufacturers say tgeir projectors have a native resolution of 800x600 but they are compatible with 1920x1080. This is true but they do not mention the quality loss.

If you want to hire a projector you should find out what resolution your video or images have. If you have any questions related to your video resolution please contact us.

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