Common questions

Have you taken a look at our Beginner's projector hire guide?


What is the most suitable projector for me?

We have a Beginner's projector hire guide that may help you. It should give you and idea of what you need. Of course you can also contact us.

Can I use a projector with my laptop or computer?

Yes, as long as you have the proper connector in your computer. Take a look at our guide to see the most common connectors.

Do I have to install any drivers in my computer to use a projector?

No, no driver installation is needed. A projector works as a monitor, you just plug it in.


Do you ship to anywhere in the UK?

We ship our projectors and laptops anywhere in mainland England, Wales and parts of Scotland. Please contact us if you want to make sure that we deliver to your location.

How long in advance do I have to book my projector/laptop?

Our carrier usually delivers the parcels within 24 hours. But due to unforeseen circumstances there may be a delay. That is why we ship with, at least, 48 hours in advance at no extra cost for you.

We want you to get your projector/laptop before the day it is needed in order for you to test it.

Can I use my own carrier?

Yes, you may use your own carrier but please, contact us by phone or email before placing an online order to arrange it for you.

Payment and deposit

How can I pay?

The fastest way to pay is to use Paypal. You can also pay by bank transfer. Please contact us for further details.

Is there any deposit required?

Yes, a deposit is required for individuals and sole traders. Companies may get exempt from the deposit.

When is the deposit refunded?

Once we receive our projectors/laptops back we check them and refund your deposit.

If you have any questions write us an email to or call us on .

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