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In certain presentations it may be needed to display the same video in more than one projector. The first solution people think is to have one computer for each projector. The problem is that sincronization must be done by hand (sounds easy but in practice the results are not optimal).

How can we display the same images in many projectors at once?

There are at least two ways to achieve this:

Connect the projectors using a splitter

There are many gadgets in the market that allow to do this. For example, there are simple cables that have one VGA connector on one side and two VGA connectors in the other side. This allows you to display the same video on two projectors at once.

VGA splitter cable
VGA splitter cable

A more expensive solution is a VGA (or HDMI, or RCA) splitter. This devices have an input and many outputs. The simplest ones have only two outputs but there are some with many of them.

The results are very good but these devices can be very expensive.

VGA splitters
VGA splitters

Connect the projectors in series

This is a simple way to solve the problem. Many projectors have a VGA output (labeled as VGA OUT) that allows to connect another project directly to it. Both devices will display the same image.

We have never connected more than one projector in series so we do not have any experience to share with you.

What if I want to connect a laptop with many projectors displaying a different image on each projector?

This is a more complex option and we will discuss it in a later article.

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