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The order process

1 > Choose a projector

Go to our online booking section and select a projector or any other devices you may need.

If you need help you can take a look at our help guides. Also feel free to contact us.

2 > Select event dates

Select the start date of your event, and the date when your event finishes. (If it is only one day event, select the same start and end date).

According to your event dates our system will calculate the dispatch and collection dates.

3 > Delivery and collection addresses

Our courier will deliver your order to your door and will collect it once the rental period is over.

We just need you to tell us the delivery and collection addresses and we will take care of everything.

4 > Confirm booking

Confirm your order and make payment.

That's it!! you will receive your projector at least one day before your event to give you plenty of time to test it and set it up.


We will notify you when the projector is dispatched and will send you a tracking number.

Once received, if you have any query related to the projector just contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Once you are finished with the projector pack it again following the instructions we will send you. Do not worry about packaging, we will send you a well protected box you will reuse.

We will send you our courier to collect the packages and return them to us.

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